Sales: Terms & Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions applicable for Grinding & Turning jobs ONLY: 


- Prices and lead times are given assuming straight bars and are based on the specific information given when quoting.


-Straight bars are required to perform any job and obtain the desired results. If the material received at Alpa does not have got the level of straightness needed to perform the job, based on the tolerance required and the nature of the job by itself, Alpa reserves the right to charge a fee (handling & inspecting fee) even if the material is returned to the customer and no work is done.


-Lead time is approximate, and it starts counting the day after both the material and the paperwork are received in our facility. 


- In case of human errors, technical issues, or machine malfunctions, if the material provided by the customer is totally or partially damaged or undersized, Alpa Centerless Products will compensate the customer for the lost or damages incurred. The compensation will be determined depending on the specific situation, the level of damage suffered, the possibility of using the damaged or undersized material for other jobs in the future (by the customer), number of pieces involved, cost of the job that needed to perform on the material at Alpa, and the cost of the material, but the compensation will NEVER exceed the amount of $10,000 per job (if we receive more than one PO with the same job at once, the compensation will be only for 1 job regardless of the number of PO's received). By sending the material to Alpa, the customer is considered in agreement to this compensation policy. 


2. Terms and Conditions applicable to ALL sales and services provided & General Information related to prices and quote validity: 


- The prices given do not include delivery/shipping costs, sales taxes (only if applicable), any special finish (Turning & Grinding services only), or any special packaging requirement at least required when asking for quote. 


- If Alpa needs to be responsible for delivering/shipping orders to customers, Alpa will charge the customer with an appropriated “shipping and handling fee” to cover up for those costs.


- The prices provided on quotes do not include the HAZARDOUS WASTE FEE (4%), this fee is additional to prices quoted. For grinding jobs, the customer needs to add this fee to the total of the order. For jobs involving turning + grinding, the fee will be applied only over the grinding part. Turning jobs only are not subject to this fee. 


- Alpa's payment terms are Net 30 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise stated on the invoice, purchase agreement signed, or quote given. First-time customers and those with no credit approved with us need to pay before the order leaves Alpa.  


- A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) will be charged to all invoices not paid in accordance with terms. If suit is instituted for collection, the customer will be responsible for paying actual attorney's fees and court cost incurred by Alpa Centerless Products, Inc Al returned checks are subject to a return fee of $25 per check.


- All quotes provided are good only for 30 DAYS since the day they are given at least otherwise is stated on the quote or email provided to the customer.


- Lead times provided when quoting are estimations and they can vary depending on many factors sometimes outside Alpa’s control. In case of not being able to comply with the lead time provided, Alpa Centerless Products will do its best to release the order as soon as possible. 


- Non-compliant orders or discrepancies should be reported to Alpa no later than 10 days after reception/pick-up.



3. Important warning:


-Any variation in the conditions and/or specifications quoted compared to the ones reflected on the PO, showed on the material received, etc. might lead to a variation on the price, lead time, etc.

Asking for a valid quote before sending the material to be machined or sending a PO requesting any other service is the best way to avoid inconveniences and delays.


- Non-compliant orders or discrepancies should be reported to Alpa no later than 10 days after reception/pick-up.


4. Hazmat Surcharge Fee

Since June 1st, 2022 a 4% hazardous material surcharge will be applied on all grinding jobs, or jobs involving turning + grinding (the fee will be applied only over the grinding part). Jobs involving only turning are not subject to this fee. This fee will be reflected on the invoice, but it is not included on the price given when quoting.

 In general, jobs involving tolerances under +.062/-.000 imply grinding, but some exceptions apply.

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