Alpa’s Grinding Wheel Dresser Post 

The Grinding Wheel Dresser Post Assembly Upgrading is a KEY COMPONENT for companies specially involved in the manufacturing of fasteners by using Centerless Grinders.

This element designed and manufactured by Alpa Centerless Products, Inc. in collaboration with Transtech Engineering Services provides exceptional improvements.

Its use reduces production costs (ex. Diamond tools), increases productivity and helps companies save time and money while producing.

A four-weeks production run performed by a company highly experienced in the manufacture of fasteners for aircraft and spacecraft construction has demonstrated that using this improved unit leads to more than 50% reduction on Diamond tools.

The following video shows Alpa's improved Grinding Wheel Dresser Post Assembly and explain its benefits.

ACP Compact 24” Guard

Our Compact 24" Guard is intended to increase productivity and reduce costs.

The combined use of the Compact 24" Guard and the Grinding Wheel Dresser Post Assembly helps users get the most of each Grinder. 

For more information, contact Cesar Muniz at: E-mail: or by calling at +1 562-946-5200 (United States of America).

The concept and design of the Grinding Wheel Dresser Post Assembly Upgrading are property of Alpa Centerless Products, Inc. and Transtech Engineering Services. (Nov. 03, 2021)

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