Alpa Centerless Products has been in the business of rebuilding Centerless Grinders since 1964.
Occasionally, on demand, ACP rebuilds other types of Machine tools:
Thread Rollers, Traubs, Pointers and other Fasteners related processing Machines.

Cincinnati type #0, 107-4, #2 "EA", #2 "OM",

Cinco 15, #3 "EA", 220-8,

Landis Crush Thread Grinder,

Royal Master 12x3 & 12x4, etc.


Rebuilding Process

Grinder is disassembled completely to the bare casting.
All parts cleaned and inspected. 

Depending on its condition and function the element, is

either replaced or reconditioned to its original configuration.
All seals and Gaskets replaced.
All Slides reconditioned and hand scraped to a perfect fit, with new Gibs.
Spindles reconditioned with the option of Ceramic coating on existing steel Units.
Rebabbitted Filmatic Shoes hand scraped to a perfect fit.
New Regulating Spindle Journal Bearings hand scraped to a perfect fit.

Recondition Dressers Quill, Post and Slides,
Hand scrape Slides to a perfect fit, with new Gibs.

Infeed Actuation:
New Infeed Leadscrew with optional choice of pitch.

Reconditioned as required.
Optional replacement with State-of-the-Art AC Variable Speed System.

Hydraulic System:
Flush System clean.
Reconditioned as required; Cylinder, Hand Control Valve,
Relief Valve, Pressure Switch, etc.
Replace existing Oil Pump with an Electrically Driven Oil Pump (as applicable)

Lubrication System:
Flush System clean.
Recondition System and ad Metering devises as required.

Electrical System and Controls:
Recondition System as required.
Replace all new System and Motors option.


Prepare, prime and paint with high quality Industrial Paint.
Color and paint specifications at customer discretion.

Calibration and testing:  
Reset Dressers two-axes Hairline calibration with "0" on dial.
Adjust Hydraulic System all Pressures settings.  

Test run.



Upon its complete rebuilding the Machine is under a one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
A two-year warranty applies to the Filmatic Spindle.

Upon request and specifications from the customer ACP performs partial rebuilding of the Machine.

ACP warranty applies to those rebuilt Elements only.



Removable Component:
ACP rebuilds the following removable Components of the Grinder:
Regulating Spindle Assembly
Top and Bottom Slides
Grinding Wheel Dresser
Regulating Wheel Dresser
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hand Control Valve
Relief Valve

Some of these Components may be rebuilt on an exchange basis.


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