In support of customers having their Centerless Grinders rebuilt by Alpa Centerless Products, customers buying Machines rebuilt by us or simply buying new Centerless Grinders, ACP has been Manufacturing Automatic Feeding Systems on a regular basis, adaptable to their specific needs.

ACP also designs and fabricates Automatic Feeding Systems, per customer specification.


This has resulted us to acquiring a broad experience in Grinders Automation.

ACP has been designing and manufacturing Automactic Systems to handle very small Pins and intricate Fasterners.

Also to automatically feed Bars (Rods) of different diameters and lengths ranges:

  from .035" to 6" diamter and 3 to 20 ft. long


Contact: Cesar Muniz at

Applicable Machines:
Cincinnati No "O", 107-4, #2 "EA", #2 "OM", Cinco 15, #2 "LO", #3 "EA", 220-8
Landis Thread Grinder
Royal-Master: All Models
Economy and Economy-like fasterners Pointers




6 autoloaders for small bars were designed and manufactured in 2020 specifically to fit the needs of one of our customers in order to help them increase production while reducing costs.


The use of autoloaders prevents operators from having to feed the Grinders by inserting one piece after another. 


Production continues even if the operator is assisting other Grinders or is momentarily out of the working area. 


Likewise, using autoloaders allow operators to be able to manage more than one Grinder at once. 


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